Anabolics – Insulin as an anabolic

Anabolics – Insulin as an anabolic

Now it is already difficult to say who first came up with the idea to use insulin in bodybuilding to gain muscle mass, but this idea cannot be called anything other than revolutionary..

With regard to the effectiveness of kamagra oral jelly in hamburg kaufen ubungen um the use OF buy tadalafil 5mg online how to gain buttock buy INSULIN in bodybuilding, there are a number of opinions and concepts on this score. If the use of anabolic steroid and androgenic drugs in bodybuilding is, as a rule, not discussed and accepted as an absolute truth, then with insulin everything is not so simple.

To simplify this issue a little, I will conditionally divide bodybuilders and sports physicians into two opposite camps: those who believe medical tienda that insulin “works” and those who believe that insulin cannot be classified as a means for gaining mass. Which of them is right and who is wrong? In order to clarify this issue, let’s try to understand the effect OF equipoise usa INSULIN on the body..

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Insulin is a hormone produced by the beta cells of the pancreas (pancreatic) gland. Its molecule consists of two polypeptide chains. One of these chains contains 21 amino acid residues (so-called A chain), the second contains 30 amino acid residues (B chain). The chains are connected by two disulfide bridges, the third bridge is formed inside the “A” chain.

Insulin is produced in the pancreas of humans and animals. The closest to the structure viagra bulgarien viagra bulgarien suppe mit of human insulin is porcine insulin, in which the chain “B” instead of the amino acid residue Threonine contains the amino acid residue Alanine. In the beta cells of the pancreas, insulin is formed from the proinsulin precursor, which, as such, does not have hormonal activity.

Insulin causes a drop in blood sildenafil anbieter hiit training beste methode sugar. Its general effect on cell permeability depends on the simultaneous effect of growth hormone, which in turn is produced by the human pituitary gland.

Insulin affects intracellular structures, for example, the structure of mitochondria, which directly contributes to an increase in the efficiency of energy transfer in cell organelles. It reduces glycogenolysis and the transfer of glucose from the liver to the blood, but does not increase glycogen synthesis in the liver, as previously thought.

In addition, insulin affects the metabolism of fat in the body, and if it is insufficient, the synthesis of fatty acids is inhibited. Insulin also plays an important role in amino acid buy tren injection this trenbolone and trenbolone metabolism, preventing the breakdown of amino acids to glucose and enhancing protein synthesis.

Under the influence of insulin, glucose more easily penetrates into the cells, which is accompanied by an increased conversion of sugar.

All other effects of insulin are indirect manifestations of its original action. These secondary effects are:

1. Decrease in blood sugar (hypoglycemia);

2. Increase in muscle glycogen stores;

3. Increased formation of adipose tissue;

4. Stimulation of the synthesis of protein substances;

5. Decrease in the amount of phosphates in blood and urine;

6. Decrease in the content of potassium in the blood;

7. Strengthening the permeability of cell membranes.

As you’ve probably already noticed, the first secondary effect of insulin exposure is hypoglycemia. Let’s try to figure out what this phenomenon is, and how it can be dangerous for an athlete using insulin..


The hypoglycemic state was defined by the Third International Symposium on Hypoglycemia pharma mix 1 as the state of the body when the amount of glucose in the blood is below 50.4 mg / dL.

Serious, life-threatening conditions are classified as fasting hypoglycemic disorders. Less serious and often corrected by dietary injectable steroids conditions occur after a meal (called reactive hypoglycemia).

Very often, the symptoms associated with fasting hypoglycemia are expressed by an altered mental state, increased sweating, heart palpitations, a feeling of anxiety, fear, headache, a “veil in front of the eyes”, impaired perception of visual images, inadequate mental and mental status (a person in a state of acute hypoglycemia can easily be mistaken for a drunk, drug addict, or mentally ill) and confusion.

dose insulin

Hypoglycemia usually occurs when too high a dose of insulin is administered. This dose is individual for each person and can fluctuate within fairly wide limits..

The state of acute hypoglycemia is accompanied by hypoglycemic coma with loss of consciousness, seizures and a decline in cardiac activity. The sum of these effects leads a person who did not stop hypoglycemia in time to die..

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In order not to get into another world, it is necessary to know the ways of the most rapid relief of hypoglycemia. The most widely known and common method is that at the first sign that mild hypoglycemia turns into acute, you need to drink sweet tea or eat a few lumps of sugar. The amount of “sweets” required to relieve the state of acute hypoglycemia directly depends on the dose and type of insulin. In athletes, the most common causes of drug-induced hypoglycemia are insulin, sulfonylureas, and ethyl alcohol. As you already understood, insulin is the main drug that causes hypoglycemia. What he really is?


Insulin is the main treatment for diabetes.

For medical use, insulin was previously obtained from the pancreas of cattle, then from the pancreas of pigs, given that “porcine” insulin is closest to human insulin. There is a method for the chemical synthesis of insulin, but at the moment it is too expensive and not readily available. Recently, biotechnological methods for producing human insulin have been developed and introduced into production. Genetic engineering developments make it possible to obtain insulin preparations that fully correspond to the amino acid composition of human insulin.

In the case of insufficient purification of insulin drugs, impurities (proinsulin, glucagon, somatostatin, proteins, polypeptides) may be present that can cause allergic reactions, up to anaphylactic shock (the most “powerful” degree of allergic reaction).

Modern technologies make it possible to obtain chromatographically purified crystallized high-quality insulin preparations. Currently, crystalline human insulin is increasingly used. With regard to preparations of animal origin, here preference is given to insulin obtained from the pancreas of pigs. According to the classification proposed by the Pharmacological Committee of the Ministry of Health of Russia, insulin preparations are divided into four groups:

1. Fast-acting insulin (onset of action in about 30 minutes, maximum – after 1.5-2 hours, total duration of action 4-6 hours);

2. Insulin of average duration of action (onset of action after 1.5-2 hours, maximum – after 3 to 12 hours, total duration of action – 8-12 hours);

3. Long-acting insulin (onset of action after 4-8 hours, maximum – after 8-18 hours, total duration of action – 20-30 hours);

4. Medium-acting insulin in combinations.

Insulin preparations are available in various dosage forms: in glass vials sealed with rubber stoppers with aluminum rolling and in special syringes, 1 ml of a solution or suspension usually contains 40 units. The most famous manufacturers of insulin preparations on the Russian market are Novo-Nordisk (Denmark) and Lilly (Switzerland).


There are a number of methods for using insulin in bodybuilding as a muscle building drug. They, of course, differ from each other, but they also have increase exposure similar elements. Before describing the safest ways to use insulin to build “mass”, I want to draw your attention to several very important details that may change your attitude towards insulin “therapy”.

1. Since it is at the moment of hypoglycemia that the membranes of muscle cells are most permeable, insulin provides “transport” of not only glucose and amino acids, but also other substances. “Other” substances include anabolic steroids. This is why the combination “Insulin + Anabolic Steroids” is so effective. Of course, we are talking not only about anabolic steroid drugs, but also about androgens (Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Enanthate, Testenat, Testosterone Cypionate, Sustanon-250, Methyltestosterone). Insulin facilitates the entry of steroid and androgen molecules into the cell. This is the reason that with the use of insulin, even the smallest dosage of steroids “work” much more effectively than alone..

2. Since our body (and to be more precise – the liver and muscles) have limited capacity to accumulate glycogen, then all the nutrients that are unnecessary for your body, insulin will “successfully” turn into subcutaneous fat, with which you then have to hard and hard struggle. To avoid this problem, you should follow a few dietary guidelines:

a) eat exactly as much as is required to stop hypoglycemia;

b) do not use “simple” carbohydrates – sugar, etc. to stop hypoglycemia. This is one of the fastest and most reliable ways to get unnecessary fatty deposits. To “extinguish” hypoglycemia, it is best to eat a combination of easily digestible proteins (protein, eggs, low-fat cottage cheese) and “slow” carbohydrates (buckwheat, brown rice, durum wheat pasta, brown bread, oatmeal);

c) many are often guided by the readings of floor scales in order to conclude how much “mass” they have built up. This is far from the best and by no means an objective method of tracking progress. With excessive dosages of insulin, the body, first of all, will begin to “store” adipose tissue. Libra will naturally show an increase in “mass”, and you will assume that you are making good progress. If you continue “therapy” with insulin in a similar manner, you will soon turn from a bodybuilder into something resembling a sumo wrestler..

In order not to replenish the huge army of obese people, focus primarily on the mirror and the centimeter tape. Gains in the biceps, thighs and lower legs are certainly great. But the increase in waist circumference and the sides hanging over the belt should immediately alert you. This means that the amount of insulin you are using is excessive. As a result, excess insulin will cause much more severe hypoglycemia, which requires significantly more calories to stop. You yourself understand that these calories will be directed far from building new muscle tissue;

d) since many processes in our endocrine system are very closely related to each other, it would be quite logical to assume that when insulin is injected, some “disruptions” in the synthesis of other hormones occur. The way it is. At the first signs of hypoglycemia, the pituitary gland increases the release of growth hormone several times. I will not go deep into the basics of biochemistry to clarify why this happens, since it is completely unnecessary in the framework of this article. Let me just say that this phenomenon is a kind of “protective” reaction of the body to a decrease in blood sugar levels. Use this, but use it with caution, do not bring the state of mild hypoglycemia to a state of acute. Your task is not to stop hypoglycemia completely. How much food do you need for this? It directly depends on the assimilation capacity of your digestive system and on the dose of insulin injected. Stay slightly hungry.

Now that you are sufficiently familiar with the pros and cons of using insulin, here are a few ways to use it to maximize muscle gain. I want to warn you in advance that only “fast” insulin with a short period of action is optimal for use in bodybuilding. Prolonged drugs are not suitable for this purpose..


1. The “download” method.

This method assumes that the injection of insulin is done on an empty stomach. It is for this reason that one must be very careful about the dose of insulin administered..

Start with 4 units on an empty stomach. A meal should be followed half an hour after the subcutaneous injection. The approximate composition of your breakfast (or lunch) after taking insulin was discussed earlier. I will only add that if financial opportunities allow you, then add 15 to 20 grams of amino acids to this meal (we are talking about ordinary, encapsulated amino acids. BCAA amino acids are not suitable for this purpose). Amino acids practically do not require digestion in the gastrointestinal tract and for this reason will be directed immediately to the restoration and construction of muscle tissue. If 4 units did not cause severe hypoglycemia in you, then gradually increase the dosage (2-3 units per day) until hypoglycemia becomes pronounced. Remember that hypoglycemia does not have to go away completely. It is also important to remember that the period of action of “rapid” insulin lasts up to 6 hours. Do not schedule any workouts during this time, especially at high intensity. Any strength training involves an increased consumption of glycogen by the body and a high utilization of glucose, respectively. The effects of training with insulin injections can be unpredictable, from acute neuropsychiatric hypoglycemia to hypoglycemic shock and death..

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2. The method of post-loading “joke”.

This method is intended for those who do not like and do not want to take risks. The injection of insulin with this method is done immediately after a meal, which contributes to its better absorption. In this case, the dose of insulin administered is significantly lower than with the “loading” method and ranges from 5 to 10 units. We should also draw your attention to the fact that when using this method, the symptoms of hypoglycemia are practically absent and, as a result, there is no increase in the level of growth hormone in the body..

3. Method of pre-workout “joke”.

Despite the small dose of insulin administered, this method can rightfully be considered the most extreme. Its essence is as follows: approximately 2 hours before training, the athlete “stuffs” himself with a large amount of food (if there are problems with digestion, then the tablet “Festal” or “Cholenzym” after taking it will not be superfluous). An insulin injection is given an hour before training. The dose of the injected drug should not exceed 5-6 units, although there are exceptions. In any case, you need to have something sweet with you: a few pieces of refined sugar, a bar of chocolate or a bottle of sweet fruit drink. Proponents of this method claim that they achieve simply phenomenal pumping even when doing exercise in a strength style (4-6 reps). It was even said that the pumping in its strength exceeds the pumping against the background of taking drugs such as Anadrol over the counter what happened when methenolone enanthate in and Testosterone Enanthate. I don’t know, I haven’t tried this method myself, it looks too much like walking on a tightrope without belay.

4. The method of using the synergism of drugs.

As mentioned above, insulin potentiates the action of a number of pharmacological drugs. In addition to anabolic steroids and androgens, these drugs include: a) Nicotinic acid (vitamin PP), b) Herbal adaptogens: Rhodiola rosea, Eleutherococcus prickly, Aralia Manchurian, c) Alpha lipoic acid, d) Chromium picolinate.

Regarding the last substance, I want to note that theoretically it exhibits synergism with insulin and stimulates the production of endogenous insulin. In practice, no effect is observed. Maybe megadoses of this dietary supplement are required to achieve the effect? For those who want to experiment, I will say right away: an excess of chromium in the diet is “not good”. Chromium is highly toxic in high doses.

The essence of the method itself consists in daily injections of insulin so that the peak of its action falls on the peak of the action of the synergistically used drug. The dosage of insulin with this method depends solely on your choice, but it should not be too high – remember about the accelerated growth of adipose tissue against the background of the use of “overestimated” doses of insulin.

amino acid

All of the above methods of application can be supplemented by one rather useful recommendation: take fat-burning drugs with insulin “therapy”. This will help you maintain a fairly high calorie intake and not swim in fat..

For those who do not want to use insulin (or do not have the opportunity to purchase it), there is a worthy alternative to insulin injections – drugs that stimulate the activity of the pancreas.

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