Amerisafe does not consider any cause to be unworthy for a loan. There are no set restrictions on the reason for seeking a loan, other than the obvious condition that the money is not to be used for any illegal or prohibited purpose under Indian laws. Loan requests are for many purposes like:

  • for undertaking a professional course
  • to provide for child’s education
  • for weddings and family functions
  • for financing a vacation
  • to refinance Credit Card dues
  • for down payments for cars, bikes etc
  • for home purchase, renovations and refurbishing
  • to consolidate ongoing loans
  • to cover for the period while moving from one job to another (subject to valid offer letter available from the new company)
  • for any medical emergencies

The list is not exhaustive as life can put forth various kinds of challenges that could require sudden fund requirements and hence the need to borrow.