Borrower Process

Registration and Loan Listing

The registration process is quick and easy. A Borrower simply clicks on the Sign up Now icon, enters some basic information, pays the registration fees and uploads the documents required.

Based on these documents, every borrower will be identity-verified, credit-checked and risk-assessed and our automated system will provide an indication about the Borrower’s capability to efficiently repay the loan. The rate of interest ranges from 12% to 28% and the loan tenure from 6 months to 36 months. With the aim to include those with limited credit history, Amerisafe Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has launched the Unrated Borrowers category. This segment of Unrated Borrowers is listed at higher interest rates.

Loan Funding

Once the loan is listed, multiple lenders can view the listing and send proposals to fund it at the suggested interest rate. To secure the interests of the Lender we have proposed a system where a lender can fund up to 20% of a loan requirement. Hence, each loan will be funded by at least 5 lenders. All proposals are accepted on first come first serve basis.

Loan Disbursal

Loan disbursal begins only after:

  1. Minimum 75% funding of the loan amount has been achieved
  2. Official loan agreement between Lender and Borrower has been signed
  3. Borrower has provided the required number of Post-Dated Cheques
  4. Amerisafe Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will inform the lender through email to proceed with the disbursal after ensuring all checks are complete.
  5. Applicable one-time Administrative Fees is deducted by Amerisafe Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. from the loan amount before disbursal of amount to the borrower

The Agreement

Amerisafe Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. facilitates the online signing of a legally-binding agreement between the Borrower and the Lenders. The agreement is available online on the borrower and lender’s Amerisafe Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. account. They login to their respective accounts, read and understand the terms and conditions mentioned, “digitally sign” by clicking on the acceptance box under the agreement and the process is complete. The agreement is then sent to both the borrowers and lenders through email for their records. The process, though legally binding just like a physical agreement, is faster and more efficient ensuring faster flow of loan amount from lender to borrower.


Along with the agreement, borrower must provide post-dated cheques towards security. NACH mandate is used to electronically transfer funds between lenders and borrowers.

Once the agreements are signed and PDCs received, the loan amount is transferred through electronic transfer from the Lender’s escrow account to the Borrower’s bank account. The one-time administrative fee is debited by Amerisafe Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. from the loan amount before transferring.

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