Code of Conduct for Lenders

  1. You will read the Amerisafe Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  Policy and Terms and Conditions fully and understand it completely before registering.
  2. You will not borrow money to lend, either from this platform or otherwise.
  3. You will honor your commitments and not renege on your loan offers after listing it on our site.
  4. You will not pester borrowers during the course of or after the completion of the deal. This would include not communicating directly for loan recovery, not pestering about additional details in attempt to personally verify borrower’s credentials etc.
  5. You will deal with recoveries through approved legal advisors in case of default. Amerisafe Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  has a fair mechanism adhering to legal procedures as per the law of the land. However, Amerisafe Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  is just the facilitator and not an intermediary or holder of the funds, and hence is not responsible for the amounts transacted in the course of a deal.
  6. You are responsible for all and any decision that you have taken to lend through Amerisafe Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  and  Amerisafe Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  does not take any responsibility for that.
  7. You will adhere to all laws relating to income tax and pay your taxes on the income so generated.


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